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Visit your IIFL Gold Loan branch and pay your interest or principal amount instantly by Cash.

You can also ask the Branch executive to guide you as how to use the other modes of payment to enjoy convenience from next time

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What is the minimum loan amount I can avail?

Minimum eligible loan amount for a loan is Rs. 3000 or market value of 1gm gold whichever is maximum.


Select from a variety of convenient tenure flexibility up to 24 months.

Is there any collateral required for availing a gold loan?

No, all you need to avail an IIFL Gold Loan is your gold and other necessary documents. No other form of collateral is required.

Is there a penalty for prepayment of loans?

No, there are no penalties for prepayment or closure of loans taken against gold with IIFL Finance.

How long does it take for approval and disbursal?

We offer quick and instant approval upon submission of all required documents, with loan disbursal within 24 hours.

What is the minimum loan amount I can avail?

The minimum loan amount you can avail depends on the value of your gold and the market rate at which it can be sold in the event of default.